Delta Sol Revival (DSR) has an eerily familiar sound…in a good way. It’s a throwback sound that’s steeped in old traditions and fueled with nuances of Latin and jazz – think Allman Brothers, but funky, mixed with Santana, and rounded out with R&B. Their music has soul and swagger, and their live shows are visceral, full of energy, and in high demand. Our forthcoming EP will be produced by Blues Music Award Winner Devon Allman.

Band Members

Collective of Midwest Musicians

Delta Sol Revival has a lineup that varies from gig to gig across the Midwest. There are a some recurring faces, but but the one mainstay of DSR is frontman Tyler Stokes. St. Louis native Justin Corgan (bass) does assist in the songwriting fusing Latin, jazz and blues rock with parts for:

  • guitar and bass
  • drums
  • keyboard
  • horns

Tyler Stokes

Tyler Stokes is the frontman and creator of Delta Sol Revival. It all began when the St. Louis native was in college and wrote 5 songs in a week. He put a group of guys together and the rest is still in the making of Delta Sol Revival’s history. You can also catch Stokes live for solo performances all over the Midwest.

  • lead guitar
  • vocals
  • songwriter


“Slave For Your Love”

“There’s a One”

“Music is my Wife”



Address: St. Louis, MO / Midwest Touring